Stress Reducing Application

Using measurements derived from a device such as an Apple Watch, the application will assist the health of the user by identifying what causes the most stress in their life.

Using measurements gathered from the watch such as movement, heart rate, time of day, and ambient noise, the stress reducing application will analyze and identify patterns in a users life that cause stress, sometimes where the user is unable to identify it themselves. It will then begin prompting the user for suggestions as to how to relax and increase their health by adjusting or removing factors that cause the most stress. The unique feature of the application will be adding in the measurement of ambient noise as a way to increase productivity and health. While there are a multitude of applications and devices on the market today that will measure health data such as movement, caloric burn, and caloric intake as it relates to health, these things only enable a limited amount of senses. Using the sense of sound, this will bring a new level of development into the health application market.

What will be important about the device that will be possibly the greatest challenge is identifying what is a good form of stress and what kinds of stress are only detriment to a user. However, there is no doubt that such a program can be used by any type of person to assist with their overall well being.