Gathering a Crew

The plan for this application is to have it up and running by the end of June. With the rumors-but-not-really-rumors of the Apple Watch arriving in March, this time stamp becomes even more necessary. Therefore, gathering a team quickly is key. Truly, I should have had one last month, but in all fairness, there’s only so far you can get with a simple idea forming in the back of your head.

Now, though, I am feeling far more confident. The only type of people I need now are more developers, and I have no doubt in time that I can gather more of those. I’ve met enough people that finding one shouldn’t take very long at all.

As of today, I have five people who are willing to help me research all the science of the mood application. One of them is studying psychology as a career, and will no doubt be invaluable in this endeavor. All of us are floundering a little bit, and none of them are developers in the slightest, but really, that makes them invaluable as testers.

I have a man who will be able to help me with marketing, who asked me, as soon as I asked him how he would be willing to help, “What’s your budget? We can start with a simple Facebook page. You’ll need a website, and it has to look good. I refuse to do anything with a website that doesn’t look great.”

On that train of thought, I have someone who is ready to help me develop a website. I’ve seen his work before, and I’ve used his work before, and I trust him absolutely.

I have a designer in the works, one who has studied HTML and a little CSS, and when I partner her up with my website designer, I have no doubt they’ll be able to come up with something modern and beautiful.

And finally, there is an entire community on the Internet that is always there to reach out to. There are people out there just like me, who are a little lost, but filled with confidence. There are people who have been programming for decades, who might look at me like I’m a little insane, but are willing to offer out a tip here and there. There are little geeks who don’t know a thing about programming but are just excited about products.

I have until the end of June, and I know, despite statistics saying that 37% of apps don’t get finished, that I can do this. I have to.


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